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MIT:SMR Tablet


MIT’s Sloan Management Review has archives going back 50+ years. In the interest of keeping their readers engaged, they undertook a project of massive proportions – moving all of that content toward a digital existence.

I was brought in at the earliest stages of wire framing that digital experience. We iterated a ton on what it means to be a magazine in the digital age. This approach led to much of our time being spent refining the reading experience and ultimately on a layout framework.

A Modern Tribe project

Healthcare App


A client came to me with an MVP that needed to be “skinned”. The client and I quickly agreed that we needed to re-architect some of the app based on feedback from users. I learned a ton about having a working prototype and getting your product into the hands of your users.

After ingesting all of the feedback we were able to get a prototype we got the app back into the hands of some testers. Again, getting almost instant user feedback was such an eye-opening experience.

eBay Motors


I had the opportunity to help design a slew of new features that were added to the apps (both Android and iOS). I worked in conjunction with their in-house designers on wire-framed concepts and pixel-perfect (ha) implementation.

We also took the iOS app that we designed and brought it over to Android – this was an eye opening experience with respect to the differences between the two ecosystems. I really learned a lot about collaborating with a large team and the communication it takes to juggle separate engineering teams working on the same project.

A Modern Tribe project



I love to work with passionate people and products that I believe in – this was a perfect marriage of the two. Andy built a genius product that he markets rather effectively. The site is now in it’s 2nd iteration since my design, but this one was very well received.

I was given carte blanche to design the site with my best judgement. We ended up with a site that not only appeals to the end user, but allows casual inquirers a very clear path to understanding the product.



This project was a real challenge – create responsive WordPress themes that would be used by 150+ businesses.

This project was my first foray into creating a custom set of vector icons to be used on the web. It was a huge part of making these fully extensible and easy to keep up to date.

A Modern Tribe project